Self Myofascial Release Workshop!

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Fitness, Massage

Come learn about SMR – What it is and why it is important!

Do you suffer from low back pain, pain in your knee, or just plain tight muscles?

Well SMR can help re-leave you of these conditions.

Come join Joe and Cindy Rutland and learn about SMR and how to apply SMR to your workout or daily routine.

What is SMR– Self Myofascial Release addresses the body’s fascial anatomy – the fibrous connective tissue that holds the body together and gives it shape.

The basic intent of SMR is to release the restrictions in the superficial fascia, deep fascia surrounding muscles, and fascia related to overall body alignment.

Benefits of SMR

SMR will help restore the body back to its optimal level of function by resetting the proprioceptive  mechanisms of the soft tissue.

DATE    Friday March 12

TIME     5:30 – 6:30 P.M.

LOCATION  Linda Lane Park

PRICE $50 – Includes Foam Roll and Workbook (if you have a foam roll cost of class is $35)

What to Bring Towel and Yourself and a friend!

Call 949-606-6212 or 949-433-7441 to sign up for class

or you can email

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Hope to see you there!
Joe & Cindy Rutland



Posted: February 3, 2010 in Fitness

Hey everyone just wanted to keep you posted on some NEW additions to JC Health & Fitness!

Coming Soon in March will be a Saturday a.m. (around 8:30) – Cardio Circuit Outdoor Class – location in San Clemente probably Linda Lane Park! Instructor – Yours Truly Cindy Rutland – YES ME!

I have been working on my personal training certification for a while now and as you who know me all know – I love working out and love to motivate people in working out and helping you to reach your goals! I hope to see you all there and let your friends know too! Further details (price, location, exact time, etc..) to come soon!  If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!

We also have private personal training or group classes!

Also, we will be setting up our SMR – Self Myofacial Release class in March! Details to come soon! Please read our blog posted 12/07/2009 – titled “What is SMR?” – And for anyone who is wanting the SMR foam rollers we will have them in stock this week for $20!

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday mornings!

JC Health & Fitness


Cindy Rutland

What is Overtraining?  Overtraining is too much… too soon!

Overtraining is the most common cause of injury and poor performance.

So many people are under the assumption that working out all the time is what you need to do to get into shape, lose weight, and get the results you want. But its not only increasing the mileage or increasing the workout load…you can overtrain at any level if you are doing too much too soon!

Rest is the phase during which adaptation takes place – it’s just as important as your workout.  So what actually is rest? Rest includes:

  • Plenty of sleep at night
  • Easy days
  • Days off
  • Alternating activities – i.e. swimming instead of running, working lower body instead of upper body….

If you do not rest your body on your own, it will force you to rest by fatigue – illness, injury, and staleness or burnout!

Trust me, I know the feeling, I have been one of those crazy people that will not rest when its time, and I have created injury to myself…then you are forced to rest and that is not fun! Runners especially are ones that will not take a break or will up their mileage too fast too soon and will try to work through an injury – a friend of mine said, “ You runners are just a different breed – you will never rest!” So, after I realized how important rest is – it actually should be part of your training program – I have been able to avoid injury and am seeing more results.

Here are some techniques that have helped me to avoid overtraining:

  • Hard day / Easy day – instead of doing the same workout or activity each day, alternate your workouts. It takes your body 48 hours to recover from exercise, therefore change it up.
  • If you are training for an event give yourself a 10 week training program.
  • Increase your workout by only 10% per week.
  • If you are training for a race, only make 10% of your weekly workout race-like.
  • Take your morning resting pulse – when you wake up rest in bed for 5 minutes and take your pulse. If your pulse is up, you haven’t recovered from the day before – therefore this day should be a rest or easy day.

I hope this helps you understand the importance of Rest – Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have a topic you would like us to cover!

Thank You

JC Health & Fitness


Cindy Rutland

Now that we have made it through the Holiday’s, and we are gearing up for the New Year what are your Health and Fitness Goals?

Everyone is guilty of saying, “ This year I am going to exercise more, eat better, take better care of myself, etc……. Wait – how about being the one that actually does it! It’s  not that hard and think how much better you will feel.

So, we wanted to help give you a few goal ideas and ways you can reach them. Plus, some fun exercises to start your motivation and give you a couple recipes that we liked that are healthy and yummy!

New Year Goal / Resolution

  1. Exercise more –  if you are board with your current workout, try changing it up….do the bike instead of treadmill, go outside and exercise instead of the gym, take a class at your gym, or if you are just starting out – find a gym and trainer you are comfortable with so you will go!
  2. Eat better –  Think about what you are about to eat and if you really need it or just plain want it. More than likely, you are sick of it from the Holidays, and it will be easy to give up.  Try having some vegetables and fruits around to snack on along with raw almonds.
  3. Take better care of myself –  Get a massage – if you read our blog about “Massage Luxury or Necessity”, you know how beneficial they are – so start your massage fund this new year! If you haven’t read it, we posted it on 12/10/2009.

So here is a fun easy exercise that gives amazing results that you could do at home, at the gym or outside:

Plie Squats – This is one of the best exercises that will target your inner thighs, along with working your glutes/ hip, thighs, and hamstring muscles.  It is easy to do and gives amazing results!

  1. Place your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, turn toes outward – your knees should be lined up with your toes.
  2. Place hands on hips to maintain balance – an 8 to 10 lb weight could be held for more advanced only.
  3. Lower your body so your knees and thighs are even, tailbone is pointing down, do not lean over – your back should be straight.
  4. Come up to the top where you started, squeezing your glutes, pull your abdominal muscles in – hips, shoulders, and back stay perpendicular to the ground…. as you come up. Immediately repeat exercise.  Do 15 slow reps of 3 seconds going up – 4 seconds going down.
  5. Once you have the 15 down up it to 25 or more….it may seem like it is easy, but you really are working these muscles so make sure not to over-due it!

Yummy recipe

This is my favorite thing to make at home and its healthy, nutritious, and fills you up!

Broiled  Salmon and Spinach salad

Pre-heat broiler

Prepare a 4 oz salmon filet with olive oil, lemon, pepper, and dash of sea salt

Place on baking sheet for broiler

Broil for about 10 minutes or until salmon is opaque.


1 cup baby leaf spinach

1 TBS pecans

1 TBS dried cranberries

small handful of mushrooms

½ roma tomato diced

Dressing – ½ lemon juiced, dash of sea salt, pepper, tsp of oil oil…mix all together pour over salad…add more or less of any of the ingredients for your taste buds.

You may serve salmon over the salad or next to it…which ever you prefer!


Hope we have helped you out with starting off your new year!

Happy New Year

JC Health and Fitness


Cindy Rutland

The Holidays can be a very happy time for everyone along with a very stressful time of year.  Why not treat yourself to a relaxing bath or aromatherapy with the scent of Lavender.  Sore muscles from shopping the mall all day long?  Lavender can help!

Lavender is one the most relaxing and calming scents.  Not only is it good for relaxing, it can also soothe and heal quite an amazing variety of aliments.  The therapeutic oil produced by lavender flowers can be used to treat troubles of the heart and mind.

Herbalist and aromotherapist use the oil to treat depression.  As a massage oil, lavender relaxes muscles and eases tension, and its antiseptic properties effectively heal conditions like acne or sunburn.  Lavender can be applied undiluted to the skin.

Here are some useful tips using lavender that I like and are very simple.

For Relaxing

  1. Add lavender oil to your bath
  2. Dab wrist & temple with lavender
  3. Drop a couple of drops of lavender into your sheets

Skin and Hair

  1. For Dandruff – put a few drops to the water of your last hair rinse.
  2. Minor cuts or bites – strains or bruises, add a couple of drops of lavender to a bowl of water, soak a cloth and place on affected area.
  3. Pimples – dab a drop onto pimple in the AM & PM.

Preparing Lavender for use

As a massage oil – use a carrier oil such as grape seed oil, add around 10 drops of lavender oil to 30ml of carrier oil.  You can add more or less lavender oil depending on the strength of aroma you want.

Room Fragrance – add 3 drops of lavender oil to a vapor bowl.

Lavender salt scrub –

  1. 1 cup fine sea salt
  2. 1/2 cut light massage oil ( grape seed oil)
  3. 5-15 drops of lavender oil
  4. put salt in small bowl add oil – mix with spoon or wooden stick, add lavender oil.
  5. Tub or shower will become slippery due to the oils, so be careful not to slip! Also, do not use on freshly  shaven legs as the salt will irritate the skin – same if you have any small cuts or scrapes.

I hope you enjoy the use of lavender as much as I do!

Thanks for reading

JC Health & Fitness

by Cindy Rutland

Massage – Luxury or Necessity?

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Massage

Massage  – Luxury or Necessity seems to be a very common question or dilemma people seem to have when it comes to treating them selves with a massage.

So many of my clients have said, “Oh I wish I could get a massage more often, but I feel guilty for spending the money on such a luxury.”   I get so confused when they say that because they are actually doing something therapeutic and preventative for themselves.  Yes, massage can seem like a luxury – going to the spa, putting on the fluffy robe, sitting in the fancy waiting room, and then using all the amenities the spa has to offer.  But once you are in that room about to lay on the table and you tell your therapist, “Can you work on my neck, I can’t turn my head to the left” or “My back is so tight, I can’t bend over to tie my shoe”, your luxurious massage has now turned into a necessity.

Massage on a regular basis can help alleviate the sore muscles caused by the jobs that compress our spin by sitting for many hours a day at the computer, sitting in the crazy traffic on the freeway, the daily stresses that have our shoulders up next to our ears, or the mom who is carrying around the 30 pound child for many hours a day and her hips and shoulders are raised on one side.

Just think if you were to not get that Latte everyday you could save almost $150 a month – that is enough for 2 massages! Why not think on how you could cut something out of your daily spending to put towards something that will make you feel better and help prevent injuries. Or, make a massage fund for yourself – a jar that you through change in or a set amount a week, then cash it in at end of month for your massage and you will start to feel the benefits of getting massage on a regular basis.

Here are some reasons why massage is a Necessity and not a Luxury :

  • Helps relieve stress and aids in relaxation
  • Helps relieve muscle tension and stiffness
  • Enhances athletic performance and improves posture
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Enhances the health and nourishment f the skin
  • Enhances the capacity for calm thinking & creativity

Hope this helps you not feel so guilty about treating yourself to something so beneficial for!

JC Health & Fitness


Cindy Rutland

Have you ever seen people at the gym rolling around on some kind of foam roller and wonder what they are doing?  Well most likely they are doing SMR (self myofascial release).

What is SMR?

Self Myofascial Release addresses the body’s fascial anatomy – the fibrous connective tissue that holds the body together and gives it shape.  The basic intent of SMR is to release the restrictions in the superficial fascia, deep fascia surrounding muscles, and fascia related to overall body alignment.

Benefits of SMR

SMR will help restore the body back to its optimal level of function by resetting the proprioceptive mechanisms of the soft tissue. If you suffer from shoulder pain, knee pain, and/or back pain, SMR may help relieve your symptoms.

SMR should be done as a warm up, before static stretching for postural distortion patterns, and/or before any activity – it can also be done during the cool-down process.

Look in our Workouts for some examples of SMR and how to perform them.

Thanks for visiting – JC Health & Fitness

Do you have sore muscles that have you begging for help, and wonder what is a better strategy heat or cold to get relief?

Cold first: Cold reduces swelling and inflammation and relieves pain.  To relieve pain associated with sprains and strains, it’s usually best to first apply a cold compress for about 20 minutes at a time every four to six hours over the first few days.

During ice treatment you will feel the following stages: Cold, Burn, Ache, and Numbness – as soon as you feel numbness STOP– 20-30 min max.

Ice Therapy is very safe when used within the treatment time recommendations.  It is not recommended:

Rheumatoid conditions – In Raynaud’s disease – Cold allergic people – In Paralysis or areas of impaired sensation directly over superficial nerve.

After receiving a deep tissue massage for a specific muscle group (shoulders/neck area)– its always good idea to ice that area to reduce any inflammation and/or soreness  that may arise.

Heat 2nd: Start applying heat after pain and swelling have decreased,

Usually 2 to 3 days after the injury.  Heat is helpful in relaxing tightened and sore muscles and helps reduce pain.  Apply heat to injured areas for 20 minutes up to three times a day.

For chronic pain- such as arthritis- heat is usually better.

Heat patches and heat pads can be used.

We hope this helps you!

JC Health and Fitness

Are you feeling like you have been indulging in lots of great foods, deserts and missing your workouts?

The Holidays are filled with lots of love, great parties, traveling, and lots and lots of tasty and tempting  food that isn’t around the rest of the year.  Here are some great tips to keep yourself motivated and feeling good during the Holidays:

  1. Try to get your workouts in early in the morning.  This way if a party comes up you can go with out feeling guilty.
  2. To get more for your cardio-workout in a shorter amount of time try doing some interval training.  Up the intensity of the levels and/or switch up walking with sprinting and  watch the fat burn off!   The higher intensity increases the EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption, also known as post workout caloric burn.  Remember when doing higher intensity you need to cut back the time.  a 20 min interval program is perfect!
  3. If you are tempted by all the sweets and deserts, allow yourself to a small piece.  By giving your taste buds a little bit you cut the craving and skip the risk of over eating all the sweets later on.
  4. Make sure and drink plenty of water!
  5. Have a workout partner or partners – join a group class – this way you can motivate each other!

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Holidays

JC Health and Fitness