Posted: August 12, 2010 in Fitness

Its summer time and time to break out the bikini’s! Want your rear to look good?  Want to tone, tighten and burn fat in your Bum?

Plyometrics is your way to a great behind!  What are Plyometrics you ask?

Plyometrics: Refers to an action in which a muscle is loaded eccentrically (lengthening), followed quickly by a concentric (shortening) muscle contraction.  These drills allow your muscles to gain maximum exertion or force in the shortest amount of time.  Example: jump squats – squat and jump in air landing light on the feet – repeat for a certain amount of time 30 sec to a min.

Studies have shown that plyo exercises increase blood flow to your leg muscles by 25 percent – increased blood flow helps power your metabolism and fuels working muscles.  Quick explosive squats for example, resulted in more muscle activity in your glutes than regular squats.  These explosive movements also engage more stabilizing muscles than your traditional cardio workout.  Every time you land on the ground after a powerful leap, you not only get stronger but also you improve your  rear view.  Plyometric intervals will increase your overall caloric burn and keep your metabolism burning for hours after your workout.

Here is a plyo workout plan to add to your current routine taking place of your cardio workout –  twice a week  – allowing 48 hours in between workouts.

Warm-up with light cardio for five to 10 minutes before beginning this program.

Move directly from one exercise to the next; after completing the circuit rest for 1-2 minutes and repeat from top….do this plyo circuit four to five times per workout.

Want to make it more challenging? *Add running stairs to your warm-up – Do it in the sand for faster results – add a medicine ball to the jump squat – make it your work out at your fitness level….remember to drink lots of water and cool down for 10 minutes with stretching.

Jumping Lunge – 30 seconds

Target Muscles – Gluteus Maximus, Quadriceps

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips.  Take a big step forward with on leg and bend both knees to get into a lunge position.  Remember to not let your forward knee go over your toes it should be in a 90 degree angle.  Push off with your front heel, jumping into air – when in air switch legs and land with opposite leg in front – Don’t land hard on your feet -pause for a count  –  Repeat for 30 seconds!

Jump Squat – 30 seconds – MY FAVORITE!

Target muscles – gluteus maximus, quadriceps

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, arms extended in front of your body.  Bend your knees into a squat, as if you are sitting back into a chair.  Push through your heels into the air – landing with soft knees into your squat position  – REPEAT!

Lateral one-legged hop 1 minute

Target muscles- gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus

Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart.  Bend your left leg at the knee and raise it in front of your body.  Push through your right heel and jump to the left.  Land softly on your left foot and raise your right knee.  Repeat moving back and forth.

Have Fun doing this workout! If it is hard do as much as you can and work your way up! Remember to drink lots of water and stretch after your workout!


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