Exercising While Pregnant – Is It Safe?

Posted: April 7, 2010 in Fitness, Uncategorized

I was inspired to write this article because a few of my friends are recently pregnant and they like working out – and I have noticed a lot more pregnant women on the trail and in the gym!  Congrats to all and hope this helps you out!

Spring is here and you are getting into shape for summer.  You’ve been working out hard – Feeling strong, healthy and motivated!

But wait something very exciting has happened to you – something you have been waiting for – You Are Pregnant!   So much going through your head – then you wonder, “wait – can I still workout?” “I just started getting into it and feeling good!”

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists- YES – you can still workout.  Exercise is not only safe during MOST pregnancies, but it also may ease many pregnancy discomforts and possibly shorten your labor and delivery and recovery time.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to follow– but remember to always check with your doctor or health care provider to find out what is best for you and your baby!


  • Exercise moderately for at least 30min on most days.
  • Stick to low impact exercises (walking, swimming, and yoga)
  • Stay cool and drink plenty of water – Dehydration can lead to overheating, which is dangerous for the fetus.  Drink before, during and after exercise.
  • Wear workout clothes that don’t constrict your rib cage as you breathe.
  • Stretch before and after exercise.  Prenatal yoga is a great way to stay flexible and strong.


  • Don’t workout to the point of exhaustion.  Make sure you can still carry on a conversation while you’re exercising.
  • Don’t keep exercising if you feel dizzy.
  • Don’t get overheated.  Try avoiding hot environments.
  • Don’t lift heavy weights, lie on your stomach or back, or use machines that require wearing a belt around your waist.
  • Don’t do high impact sports or activities in which you risk falling or injuring your abdomen.

DON’T exercise if you experience any of the following:

  • An incompetent cervix
  • Pregnancy with multiple risk factors for premature labor
  • Persistent second or third trimester bleeding
  • Placenta previa past 26 weeks
  • Premature labor
  • Ruptured membranes
  • Preeclampsia

Some great being fit websites to check out during your pregnancy





Cindy Rutland – JC Health and Fitness

Coming next will be “Benefits of Massage during Pregnancy”

  1. Kim Fitzgerald says:

    great article, Cindy! I love your work.. keep it up! Information is KEY and you are doing a great job of getting it out there!

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