SMR – Self Myofascial Release Workshop THIS Friday March 12th 5:30 P.M.

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Hey everyone just wanted to remind you to sign up for the SMR workshop this Friday March 12 5:30-6:30 P.M. at Linda Lane Park!

Also, we are having a special for $35 – reg. $50!

Here is what is included in the price!

*Foam roll

*Workbook with illustrations and exercises to do

*Workshop – 1 hour of instruction of workbook and how to use the foam roller.

* If you have a foam roll, price of workshop is $15!

To sign up  – you can send us and email or call us! Hope to see you!

Come learn about SMR – What it is and why it is important!

Do you suffer from low back pain, pain in your knee, or just plain tight muscles?

Well SMR can help re-leave you of these conditions.

Come join Joe and Cindy Rutland and learn about SMR and how to apply SMR to your workout or daily routine.

What is SMR- Self Myofascial Release addresses the body’s fascial anatomy – the fibrous connective tissue that holds the body together and gives it shape.

The basic intent of SMR is to release the restrictions in the superficial fascia, deep fascia surrounding muscles, and fascia related to overall body alignment.

Benefits of SMR –

SMR will help restore the body back to its optimal level of function by resetting the proprioceptive mechanisms of the soft tissue.

DATE Friday March 12

TIME 5:30 – 6:30

LOCATION Linda Lane Park

What to Bring?? Towel, Yourself and a friend!

Call 949-606-6212 or 949-433-7441 to sign up for class

or you can email

Thank you
JC Health & Fitness!

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