Getting Ready For the New Year!

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Fitness, Massage, Nutrition & Holistic Medicine

Now that we have made it through the Holiday’s, and we are gearing up for the New Year what are your Health and Fitness Goals?

Everyone is guilty of saying, “ This year I am going to exercise more, eat better, take better care of myself, etc……. Wait – how about being the one that actually does it! It’s  not that hard and think how much better you will feel.

So, we wanted to help give you a few goal ideas and ways you can reach them. Plus, some fun exercises to start your motivation and give you a couple recipes that we liked that are healthy and yummy!

New Year Goal / Resolution

  1. Exercise more –  if you are board with your current workout, try changing it up….do the bike instead of treadmill, go outside and exercise instead of the gym, take a class at your gym, or if you are just starting out – find a gym and trainer you are comfortable with so you will go!
  2. Eat better –  Think about what you are about to eat and if you really need it or just plain want it. More than likely, you are sick of it from the Holidays, and it will be easy to give up.  Try having some vegetables and fruits around to snack on along with raw almonds.
  3. Take better care of myself –  Get a massage – if you read our blog about “Massage Luxury or Necessity”, you know how beneficial they are – so start your massage fund this new year! If you haven’t read it, we posted it on 12/10/2009.

So here is a fun easy exercise that gives amazing results that you could do at home, at the gym or outside:

Plie Squats – This is one of the best exercises that will target your inner thighs, along with working your glutes/ hip, thighs, and hamstring muscles.  It is easy to do and gives amazing results!

  1. Place your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, turn toes outward – your knees should be lined up with your toes.
  2. Place hands on hips to maintain balance – an 8 to 10 lb weight could be held for more advanced only.
  3. Lower your body so your knees and thighs are even, tailbone is pointing down, do not lean over – your back should be straight.
  4. Come up to the top where you started, squeezing your glutes, pull your abdominal muscles in – hips, shoulders, and back stay perpendicular to the ground…. as you come up. Immediately repeat exercise.  Do 15 slow reps of 3 seconds going up – 4 seconds going down.
  5. Once you have the 15 down up it to 25 or more….it may seem like it is easy, but you really are working these muscles so make sure not to over-due it!

Yummy recipe

This is my favorite thing to make at home and its healthy, nutritious, and fills you up!

Broiled  Salmon and Spinach salad

Pre-heat broiler

Prepare a 4 oz salmon filet with olive oil, lemon, pepper, and dash of sea salt

Place on baking sheet for broiler

Broil for about 10 minutes or until salmon is opaque.


1 cup baby leaf spinach

1 TBS pecans

1 TBS dried cranberries

small handful of mushrooms

½ roma tomato diced

Dressing – ½ lemon juiced, dash of sea salt, pepper, tsp of oil oil…mix all together pour over salad…add more or less of any of the ingredients for your taste buds.

You may serve salmon over the salad or next to it…which ever you prefer!


Hope we have helped you out with starting off your new year!

Happy New Year

JC Health and Fitness


Cindy Rutland

  1. Ginger Margel says:

    Thanks for reminding me that if I won’t do it, know one will do it for me. 2010 is here and i want to be healthy to enjoy it.

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