How to stay motivated during the Holidays!

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Fitness

Are you feeling like you have been indulging in lots of great foods, deserts and missing your workouts?

The Holidays are filled with lots of love, great parties, traveling, and lots and lots of tasty and tempting  food that isn’t around the rest of the year.  Here are some great tips to keep yourself motivated and feeling good during the Holidays:

  1. Try to get your workouts in early in the morning.  This way if a party comes up you can go with out feeling guilty.
  2. To get more for your cardio-workout in a shorter amount of time try doing some interval training.  Up the intensity of the levels and/or switch up walking with sprinting and  watch the fat burn off!   The higher intensity increases the EPOC (post-exercise oxygen consumption, also known as post workout caloric burn.  Remember when doing higher intensity you need to cut back the time.  a 20 min interval program is perfect!
  3. If you are tempted by all the sweets and deserts, allow yourself to a small piece.  By giving your taste buds a little bit you cut the craving and skip the risk of over eating all the sweets later on.
  4. Make sure and drink plenty of water!
  5. Have a workout partner or partners – join a group class – this way you can motivate each other!

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Holidays

JC Health and Fitness

  1. mariabrophy says:

    Thanks for these tips! The one that works best for me is to get my workout in early in the morning. I find that when I plan to work out later in the day, I don’t usually get to it becuase of work, or my kid’s homework, or I’m just too tired.

    These are great reminders of how to keep the holiday “spread” off!!

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